Can’t get the thoughts in your head to slow down, let alone to bugger off whilst you achieve the so-called status of calm and mindfulness?

Been amused at the mere suggestion of being able to take some time out of your busy day when you’ve barely had time to wipe your arse?

It doesn’t have to be that way. Welcome to wellbeing – without the wank.

This was me. I used to think that mindfulness was something that was practised by a bunch of wanky woo hippies.  I pictured a bunch of sage-smudging, organic-food-munching ‘gurus’ sitting cross-legged as they ohm-ed their way to superiority.

You know the ones – they look down on us ‘common folk’ because we can’t elevate our minds to that higher plane. 

We can’t connect to our ancestors or the universe.

Well-being is a word that gets bandied about a lot in our modern society.  We’re told to ‘take a moment’ of self-care because it’s important. But when our lives are so incredibly packed with information, stressors and responsibilities already, well-being simply becomes another task in an ever-growing list of shit that we simply MUST get done to achieve that impressive ‘adult status’.

I was guilty of thinking that mindfulness wasn’t for me because there was no way I could achieve that mystical status of calm while being connected to the universe. 

It was only for those who had a Masters degree in woo-woo. 

It was all a bit too wanky for little old me. 

Thankfully, as I’ve explored the sphere of self-care and mindfulness borne from surviving and coming out of deep trauma in my life, I’ve made the happy discovery that those gooroo types are in the minority.

The whole wellness space is full of amazing folk who just want to help anyone and everyone discover how to look after themselves. 



And, yes, spiritually.

Yes, some people feel the word ‘woo’ is offensive. Some feel it has a deep and spiritual meaning and should be cherished. 

I’ve discovered that the type of self-care and mindfulness that comes from things like meditation takes on many different forms for many different people. 

Just as all humans are uniquely individual, no one type of self-love fits all of us. 

In other words, everyone can boost their well-being.  Everyone can meditate.

It’ll just look different for each of us. 

That’s what I’m all about.

I’m Emma. 

I’m all about well-being – without the wank.

(Although I will be talking to you about *that* type of self-love, too)

I’m a qualified hypnotherapist and breathwork instructor. I’m a life coach and I work with people to help them deal with past trauma and those who want to tackle life on their terms.

A single mum of 5.  

I’ve lived through trauma, including past domestic violence and abuse. While my body wasn’t beaten & battered, my entire self-worth was. I had no self-confidence. It had been eroded away after years of being told I was the one who was in the wrong.

I’ve done the work to turn my life around and build a better future for myself and my family. 

Now I work with people looking to do the same, through mindfulness, meditation & hypnotherapy.

With small children, it seemed impossible to achieve the mythical plane of a quiet, thought-free mind.

I worried that if I lit some sage, the fire alarm would go off & the neighbours would think I was some kind of hippy nut, too.

So imagine my joy when I found out that it didn’t matter that I wasn’t a believer in woo.  I didn’t matter that my ND brain would never stop zooming off in a million different directions. 

We (you and me) can do the same for you.

It doesn’t matter if it’s well-being or woo.  It’s all about looking after number one.  Because if you’re not taking care of yourself – who else is going to?

It’s all an important part of self-care.

We’re all different, but we can all work together to reach one common goal. And that’s living the life we want on our own terms. 

To do that, we need to put ourselves first; be at the top of our own priority list.

Meditation looks different for everyone.

Mindfulness works in different ways for everyone.

Fitness and exercise can be whatever is fun or interesting to you.

They can each be spiritual practices. Or not.  

I’m all about helping you find that sweet spot of balance and calm, in a way that’s fun, relatable, and totally free of any judgement, sage burning or eye-rolling. Whether you’re a sceptic, a newbie, or a seasoned wellness warrior, there’s a place for you here.

Step away from the woo and explore what self care and mindfulness means to you.

Hit me up if you need help to restore that balance and calm. You can drop me a message on Facebook or via email

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