40 Days of Self Love

40 Days Of Self Love

(No, it’s not about masturbating every day for forty days)

Although if you want to, you can.

And there will most likely be the suggestion of it at least once!

This is an introductory programme to help you insert more self care and self love into your life.

‘But why do I need that!?’ I hear you ask

Well simply because, if you’re not taking care of your own wellbeing, you’re setting yourself up for unmitigated levels of stress and potentially even burnout.

It’s time to work in time just for you. Take preventative measures and put things in place before the shit hits the fan.

Every day for 40 days I’m going to drop into your inbox with a suggestion of something to try out for a moment of calm, self care or self love.

There will be some repetition.

Not every single day will be something new.

At the end of it, you’ll have a whole host of things you have tried out and to pick from to form as part of your own wellbeing routine.

Simple, actionable, easy to implement but with powerful, lasting positive effects.

And to manage your expectations, let’s talk about what it is and is not…

What it is:

✅ An email each day for 40 days with a simple instructions of what to do.

✅ A toe dip into the world of mindfulness, self care and self awareness.

✅ Something relatively low cost to get stuck into without any ongoing commitment.

✅ Content that I’ve used elsewhere, pulled together for easy access for you to enjoy.

✅ Self directed – I give you the content, you can choose to take action…or not.

✅ 40 days of (assuming you take action each day) consistent moments of self care, self love and self awareness. You will probably feel a bit different.

What it is not:

❎ Woo bullshit – simple but powerful practices you can try out whether you’re not at all woo or woo as fuck. But there’s nothing actually woo about it.

❎ Brand new content that I’ve never posted anywhere before – you can access this if you put time into stalking me all over social media.

❎ Stuff that no person has ever tried before. You can almost definitely find versions of everything somewhere on the internet without parting with a single penny.

❎ Daily hand holding and accountability – I will not be checking if you have completed the task each day. That’s up to you.

❎ A deep dive into mindfulness and all that shiz. Just something to try and see what you like and what you don’t like.

❎ A magic quick fix for all your problems – some of the practices are excellent for immediate relief from high stress moments, but most of this stuff is about consistency.

If for the low price of £40 (yes a round number! Fuck the 7’s and 9’s), that sounds like something you would like to have drop into your email inbox every day for 40 days, hit the ‘I Want It!’ button, make the payment, confirm your email address and emails will begin to appear.